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Keeping on top of social media


The world of enterprise is always changing and over recent years, there is one factor that has had a particularly profound impact on the way in which firms operate and that is the internet.

This medium has fundamentally altered the way in which companies go about their day-to-day activities. Although it has only been in common use for less than two decades, it is now an essential feature of the trading environment. Many firms utilise it to communicate with consumers, while a considerable number also sell goods and services directly through cyberspace.

In more recent years, one of the trends to emerge that has had a major impact on companies is Web 2.0. Social media is now one of the most powerful ways in which organisations can promote themselves. Meanwhile, it also provides a means for customers to register their likes and dislikes of businesses and their offerings.

So, you will no doubt be eager to ride the Web 2.0 wave and make the most of it. Indeed, if you fail to harness this medium, your firm may struggle to contend with its rivals.

This is where social media monitoring software comes in. Here at AMI, we specialise in such offerings and can help ensure your organisation is able to keep abreast of all the relevant information.

By utilising such internet monitoring provisions, you can make your life and that of your colleagues easier while simultaneously ensuring you benefit from a clearer picture concerning what is going on in the world of social media.

So vast is the amount of information available that if you try to keep on top of it without specialist monitoring software, you would almost certainly fail.

How news monitoring software can help you

The internet has certainly come a long way since it first entered into mainstream use. Indeed, with the passage of each day the number of people using the medium rises and the amount of information flowing around the global communications network increases.

Indeed, the web is now the primary mode of communication between individuals across the world. With this in mind, it is vital that your firm remains abreast of the latest developments in cyberspace and this includes any news published that is relevant to your organisation.

However, attempting this without the aid of sophisticated internet monitoring software can be impossible. There is simply too much information circulating for you and your fellow employees to successfully pick out everything you need. Meanwhile, trying to do so can take up far too many working hours.

The good news is, by coming here to AMI, you can get your hands on the most sophisticated and effective web analysis software available. Indeed, by using our offerings, you can make news monitoring a straightforward and efficient process.

This means you will not miss out on important developments concerning your rival companies, consumer trends, general market information and so on. Therefore, you should find it easier to strategise effectively.

Of course, to get the very most from your web monitoring software, it is vital you choose the right package for your company. To find out more about what we have to offer and whether or not it could help you, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

The good news about news

It is often said that no news is good news but that cannot be true in the case of business. Monitoring and analysing relevant news from your sector using the latest internet monitoring software can help practically every level of your organisational hierarchy and allow you to streamline and hone your business for success.

Information moves so fast online and news rolls over and develops every second but our news media monitoring software can filter the insignificant information and hyperbole and concentrate in into succinct and concise intelligence which can be used to raise your market consciousness and plan a flexible and versatile strategy which can cope with developments instantly.

Web monitoring software can automatically select all of the information which is relevant to you and your business, provide customised newsletters, use established groups of pre-qualified sources to save time and money, and use personalised dashboards for easy access and alerts on important information.

The strategic intelligence gathered from online news sources can help your marketing managers to stay ahead of the competition, analyse the success of campaigns and reassess market and pricing policies, and it can also allow your communications department to monitor the effectiveness of external communications and gauge brand awareness. Furthermore, it makes for effective and efficient research and development on a global scale, a more efficient Human Resources policy and robust monitoring of all legal and regulatory issues which can affect business.

If you want to hear the best news about your business instead of gloom and doom, turn to AMI Software for the good news about news.

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Superb range of services

Our horizon scanning techniques and superb software packages will give you the competitive boost that you need to move into the higher echelons of your operational business sector, harnessing the power of online media and establishing a proactive and adaptive business model which is robust and versatile. However, because we want you to make the most of our products, we also have an excellent range of support services which will guide you along the way , help you navigate obstacles, outmanoeuvre competitors and steer you safely in to the safe water of success.

For instance, as we are well versed in the arts of competitive analysis and have years of experience in the business, we can help you with the project management of any project which has to be completed on time and budget to a high degree of quality. We have worked with companies from a plethora of sectors to an amazing degree of success over the years. Furthermore, as web monitoring experts who have developed premium monitoring packages used around the world, we can adopt a consultancy role with your business in order to ensure that you exploit the potential of the internet to its fullest.

We can also develop entirely new technological systems for your organisation or integrate new systems with your existing provision smoothly and seamlessly. Finally, our famous training programmes allow your staff to use our products in the most professional and effective manner and allow us to transmit the very latest expert knowledge directly to the staff members working for you who need it most.

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Investing in internet monitoring software can pay off

Just like when you buy any product or service, getting your hands on internet monitoring software involves expenditure. After all, such provisions do not come for free. This may have deterred you from taking advantage of the offerings in the past.

True, economic conditions are tough at present and, like other firms, yours may have had to rein in its spending in order to balance the books. This means adopting a cautious approach to investment.

However, the potential benefits of web monitoring software can far outweigh the costs. By utilising such provisions, you can gain a significant competitive advantage over rival organisations.

Being successful in the world of modern enterprise requires considerable sophistication and it is vital that you are able to accurately analyse and interpret the market trends and forces at work.

Because so much of business is conducted and reflected online, this means getting to grips with the information available over the web and, without the appropriate tools to achieve this, the process can be impossible.

So, the return on investment you see from web monitoring products can be impressive and you may start to experience the benefits almost immediately.

Meanwhile, the importance of such offerings will only grow over coming years. The web continues to rise in prominence in the world of business and understanding it and harnessing its power will become even more vital.

So, to make sure you stay ahead of the crowd, you might want to take a look around the rest of our website here at AMI. We are experts in the field.

Internet Monitoring and Social Media

In today’s modern world, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can create user-generated content which is available to a world wide audience within the blink of an eye. Additionally, blogs, forums and chat communities can start anonymously and develop incredibly quickly simply because the user-generated content is not regulated and constrained by any type of traditional publishing processes to contend with.


Because of the immediate interaction which social networking provides, consumers often consult opinions and reviews about products and services online before deciding on their own purchases. Therefore it can be incredibly important for any company which offers such products or services to monitor and understand these sources so that they can learn more about their reach and reputation, as well as their customers’ expectations. Put simply, a company can gain a great deal of insight from listening to online conversations that involve them.  However, when it comes to the sheer amount of information which is now present on the World Wide Web, isolating information which is relevant and potentially important can be somewhat of a challenge.


Thankfully, help is at hand. Social media monitoring software enables companies to monitor and assess all types of web media and applications. Our patented software detects influential networks and opinion leaders and ‘listens’ in to understand how potential consumers may perceive and receive a particular product or service. Naturally, this can be a very effective tool with regard to marketing, advertising and business intelligence.

AMI Software

Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning’ techniques are employed by companies to gather data which can be used to form strategic business plans regarding information about competitors, technological advances, and their industry in general.


The Internet represents a great deal of potential when thought of in terms of business intelligence. However, finding and collecting relevant information and getting it to decision makers in a timely fashion is a tough job as the sheer amount of information now available on the World Wide Web can make it a real problem. Monitoring and collecting such information manually is simply not an option as even the largest companies would soon be aware of the extreme limitations. What is needed is a powerful yet simple software solution which can collect all relevant data and filter out what is irrelevant. Thankfully, help is very close at hand.


The Monitoring and Collecting software which we here at AMI provide combines automated data collection with intelligent information management tools and incredibly powerful search functions to ensure the timely detection of all relevant information on the World Wide Web. Every key item of data which is detected triggers an alert which immediately highlights the information source, along with the date of collection and a brief summary.

Here at AMI, our patented technology is specifically designed to collect, assess and illustrate all types of relevant information which can be used by companies to help them gain a competitive edge. For more information, browse our pages or get in touch today.

How Internet Monitoring Software Can Help Your Business

Social media monitoring software can be incredibly beneficial as it can enable your company to find out what is being said about it online, and so help to develop opportunities for positive engagement with customers and influential opinion-makers.

Social media monitoring tools can identify and scrutinise all manner of online conversations in order to determine potentially lucrative information such as where conversations about your brand occur most often, or whether you are being talked about more often than your competitors. As well as this, software which monitors social media can also let you:

View conversation distribution

Monitoring tools will let you categorise the different types of social media so that it is easier to see exactly where relevant conversations are happening i.e. blogs, Twitter, Facebook).

Identify conversation trends

Many tools will let you analyse the popularity and flow of conversations over a specific period of time. This can be especially useful if your company is about to launch a new product/brand, or if it is trying to recover from a serious setback.

Identify influential sources

Monitoring tools can also be used to determine the sources of popular conversations. This can help your company to decide which blogs it would like to associate itself with.

If your company needs a software solution for monitoring social media, look no further than AMI Opinion Tracker.  By monitoring all web traffic and automatically examining opinions throughout the full range of social media, AMI Opinion Tracker can ensure your company always remains informed.

Internet monitoring software is the practical solution

It is astonishing to think that a matter of a couple of decades ago, the internet was not in widespread use. These days, the structure of many people’s lives is determined in large part by this global information network.

If you run a company, you will no doubt be aware of how crucial the web is. It is now one of the most common means of communication with customers, as well as business partners and suppliers. Indeed, much of your marketing may take place in cyberspace and you might even engage in sales over the web.

Also, you may well be eager to make use of the information you can find over the internet in order to sustain a competitive edge over rival organisations and so that you can position yourself effectively to enjoy success in the future.

This is where internet monitoring software comes in. Without such resources, it can be virtually impossible to make sense of the reams of data you access. After all, it is almost endless.

By investing in data analysis software, you might well find it is much easier to draw relevant information from cyberspace and, once you have this at your disposal, to make sense of it and steer your business effectively.

Here at AMI, we specialise in such provisions and are perfectly placed to help you out with your efforts in this area. Not only can web monitoring software help make your organisations more successful, it can also mean your life is made considerably easier.