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“Competitive intelligence is an essential component of better law firm decision-making”


In this article, Janet Ellen Raasch, summarizes a presentation by Wanda McDavid and Judy Goater of Access Information.

For her “Important law firm decisions should never be made in a vacuum.  Instead, they should be made with an abundance of the right information in hand.  For many law firm decisions,

“The right information” means competitive intelligence.”

Brilliant business solutions

The internet is an endless source of data and has made mountains of unstructured data available to anyone with internet access. Furthermore, this data accumulates at amazing rates on a minute-by minute basis, making it impossible to be analysed by researchers working alone with no software support, no matter how hard they are prepared to work.

Of course, raw data must also be converted into intelligent information which can be used for a specific purpose, and this process of sifting, filtering, analysing and refining is complex and time consuming. However, the power and potential of the internet cannot be ignored by any company which is serious about growth, development and sustainable success. Internet media, blogs, podcasts, social media sites, chat-rooms and forums and viral videos are extremely powerful and can spread messages on a global scale in a matter of minutes.

By monitoring and harnessing this potential with business intelligence software, your brand can achieve success on a massive scale. However, by ignoring the need for online competitive intelligence, disregarding market and competitor information and worse, failing to recognise when negative publicity is endangering your reputation, your business can sink rapidly without a trace.

At AMI software, we can help you use internet monitoring to ensure that you inhabit the internet intelligently and effectively and capitalise on a potential market of billions of customers. Our software allows you to develop flexible strategies which pre-empt future developments and give you the cutting edge over the competition. For more information, please peruse our website thoroughly today.

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Terrific text analysis software

Converting a monolithic mass of data into useful and relevant intelligence is no simple matter and over the years, computer software has been developed and honed in order to make this process simpler and more efficient for researchers. Despite advances, most textual data tools still rely on the Boolean model, which sorts through each section according to the terms used and their position in the text, so the presence or absence of a term dictates its usefulness and all contextual information is disregarded.

This system allows only a relatively shallow analysis of data as many key terms, phrases and crucial expressions are often missed. However, AMI text analysis software allows analysis which is far deeper, more profound and ultimately, much more useful. Our indexing programmes recognise the essence of the text, recognising all of the relevant phrases and expressions and capturing and codifying them into a highly sophisticated and instantly recognisable document signature.

However, it is not necessary to disregard the Boolean model but rather combine it with document signature technology so that documents can be rapidly recognised as valid and organised in terms of relevance, key quotations can be instantly extracted, and entire documents can be used to power further searches instead of simple search terms. You will thus be able to research using specific corporate intelligence questions and receive answers which are structured and highly relevant, thus saving time, money and stress.

By developing accurate and precise signatures, you can really take textual analysis to another level of sophistication and garner valuable market intelligence quickly and effectively.

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Pre-employment screening can be crucial

Taking on new members of staff can be an exciting time in any organisation. Not only does it signal success and growth, it also represents an opportunity for firms to boost their talent base and enhance their offerings.

However, when you are employing personnel, it is vital that you approach the task with a degree of caution. After all, you no doubt want to get people who are more than capable of performing the tasks you have in mind. Therefore it is crucial that the individuals do not mislead you concerning their experience and skills.

If they do, your operations may be compromised and you may have to re-advertise the post, wasting time and money in the process.

Meanwhile, there are also security issues to bear in mind. You need to be sure that you can trust the individuals you take on. If they are dishonest, they can compromise your company and may cause you significant harm, both financially and in terms of your reputation.

This is where business intelligence comes into its own. For example, here at AMI, we offer pre-employment screening software that can help you conduct checks on applicants.

Such business intelligence solutions can play a vital role in your organisation and help you avoid a range of difficulties. Furthermore, they can provide you with greater peace of mind as you will have more faith in the people you take on.

To find out more about this and the other internet monitoring solutions we provide, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

The smart approach to market intelligence

When the internet was in its early years, it was relatively easy for companies to monitor online activity in order to fine tune their strategies. However, the medium has become so complex and popular that is can be virtually impossible for organisations to make sense of the information that abounds on it.

Indeed, in the past your firm may have struggled to make clear analyses and to get adequate and insightful market research based on the information available over the web.

And the fact is, such endeavours can be extremely demanding in terms of workers’ time and energy and the results are often too confusing to interpret.

However, simply giving up on such efforts can be disastrous. If you adopt this approach you might be missing out on opportunities to boost your company’s prospects and you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage compared to your rivals.

So, to ensure that you are able to filter and analyse the vast amount of data and information available through cyberspace, it can help to make the most of innovative internet monitoring provisions.

Here at AMI, we specialise in such offerings and so may have the ideal solution for you. Whether you are after competitive intelligence software or anything else of this nature, we are the firm to approach.

Not only can this enhance your success, it can also make your life and that of your workers considerably easier.  So, to get the low down on our data analysis software and other offerings, take a look around our website.

Trend monitoring is the successful way to strategise

One of the first rules of business is having well considered plans. These are what investors look for and if you follow them, you stand a much greater chance of success than if you are to simply adopt an ad hoc approach.

Of course, sometimes unforeseen events occur and, when they do, being pragmatic and flexible is key. However, the longer into the future you can realistically make predictions, the more time you have to develop your strategy and the more likely it is you will be able to achieve the outcomes you desire.

This is where horizon scanning techniques and trend monitoring come into their own. By utilising such provisions, you can make decisions ahead of your competitors, putting you at a considerable advantage.

By making use of the horizon scanning software we provide here at AMI, you can ensure that the information you have concerning future trends and industry developments is as accurate and full as possible.

Indeed, as the business world becomes increasingly complex and rivalry between different organisations intensifies, such knowledge and awareness is becoming ever more crucial.

Attempting to make predictions in the absence of monitoring software can be impossible and it is hard to make plans on the basis of such predictions given the level of uncertainty.

So, if you are eager to provide your organisation with a competitive advantage and ensure that your planning is as accurate as possible, simply take a look around our website to see the solutions we have to offer.

Gaining a competitive advantage has never been so vital

Often, being successful in business involves outdoing your rivals. By taking custom away from them and establishing your dominance in your chosen field, you can bolster your chances of long-term success and profitability.

However, gaining a competitive advantage over other companies is particularly crucial now. The economic conditions affecting the UK and many other countries are such that a considerable number of enterprises are struggling to remain afloat.

Many consumers and clients are spending less money, meaning firms have to work harder to get it. Also, a number of costs associated with running a firm are rising, making for a toxic combination for companies.

With this in mind, now might be the perfect time for you to invest in market intelligence provisions that help you get ahead of other enterprises.

By using offerings such as those provided by us here at AMI, you can ensure your enterprise has access to superb information that many of your rivals may lack.

For example, our web analysis software helps you keep abreast of the important trends that relate to your organisation. This can enable you to implement savvy changes to your strategy to place you in the best possible position.

Meanwhile, our products can also help you utilise social media information to optimum effect and you can also monitor developments among competitors with maximum efficiency and ease.

So, to help ensure your firm is a step ahead of the pack, you might benefit from investing in our web monitoring software. To find out more, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

Know Your Market

Market Intelligence is a term used to describe methods used for gathering and analysing information which is relevant to a particular company’s industry or market. These methods are utilised to help identify marketing opportunities, determine market and customer orientation, develop market penetration strategies, analyse competitors, and improve market selection and commercial positioning. Naturally, with the explosive development of the internet in the last fifteen years, companies now have far more opportunities to better understand their markets and competitors.


In order for any company to be competitive, it must ensure it fully understands all aspects of the industry in which it operates. Marketing intelligence software can help companies be more aware of their the markets by effectively identifying, obtaining and analysing online information which is significantly relevant to them. Having such information will enable them to develop better insight and therefore better intelligence relating to market activity and reactive strategies.


The simplicity of our competitive intelligence software allows users to logically search, collect and analyse all relevant information, and then receive detailed reports which concisely explain the results regarding their chosen search criteria. There are many different applications for this software although it is often used most frequently to help companies determine how well their competitors are doing and how likely they may be to experience a significant event such as a new product launch or potential merger.

For more information, and to learn more about our comprehensive software solutions, spend some time with us here at AMI Software.

Internet Monitoring and Assessing Risk

It goes without saying that the amount of information now circulating on the World Wide Web is colossal. In most circumstances, this information is used in a positive way which is helpful and non-threatening to other users. However, when Internet-based data is used in a negative fashion, it can present significant risks to companies and organisations. People who are involved in criminal and terrorist activities often use the internet as their primary organisational tool simply because they can communicate freely while remaining totally anonymous. It is for reasons such as these that it is now essential for companies to have effective risk management software in place.


Put simply, risk assessment is a way of determining the quantitative or qualitative value of risk in relation to a certain situation or perceived threat. Effective risk assessment software can be an integral tool for making any such determinations as it can help to detect ‘signs’ that might otherwise go unnoticed in normal circumstances.


Our Enterprise Intelligence software enables companies to quickly identify signs which might represent a risk or threat to their security or interests. Our Enterprise Intelligence software is so comprehensive that it is used by defence ministries throughout Europe as well as by one of the UK’s leading security and risk intelligence organisations to help them administer their risk management strategies.

To find out more about our software, browse through our pages here at AMI Software or contact us directly for more detailed information.

Using Software to Gain A Competitive Edge

When it comes to business strategies, many more companies are now realising how important software can be in gaining an edge over their competitors. We here at AMI provide information and content processing software which is engineered to find, categorise and assess data using horizon scanning techniques which are widely recognised as being the very best available.


The methods traditionally used in competitor analysis typically involve sifting through huge amounts of data to get to the relevant information which is needed to make important decisions. Thankfully, companies can now carry out such tasks far more efficiently. With the help of our software, raw information regarding competitors can quickly and efficiently be converted into data which can be used to help them gain a significant competitive advantage.

Fully informed

Horizon scanning is used by strategically aware companies to ensure they are always as well-informed as they can be in regards to industry specific information. With the right software, these techniques can be successfully implemented to help company executives accurately predict how their business environment might change in the future. This is done by detecting, isolating, organising and illustrating all information which is relevant to specific search criteria. This model is simple yet incredibly effective, and can help companies and organisations of all sizes to remain as competitive and relevant as they need to be.

For more information, and to purchase our patented products online, spend some time with us here at AMI Software.