Terrific text analysis software

Converting a monolithic mass of data into useful and relevant intelligence is no simple matter and over the years, computer software has been developed and honed in order to make this process simpler and more efficient for researchers. Despite advances, most textual data tools still rely on the Boolean model, which sorts through each section according to the terms used and their position in the text, so the presence or absence of a term dictates its usefulness and all contextual information is disregarded.

This system allows only a relatively shallow analysis of data as many key terms, phrases and crucial expressions are often missed. However, AMI text analysis software allows analysis which is far deeper, more profound and ultimately, much more useful. Our indexing programmes recognise the essence of the text, recognising all of the relevant phrases and expressions and capturing and codifying them into a highly sophisticated and instantly recognisable document signature.

However, it is not necessary to disregard the Boolean model but rather combine it with document signature technology so that documents can be rapidly recognised as valid and organised in terms of relevance, key quotations can be instantly extracted, and entire documents can be used to power further searches instead of simple search terms. You will thus be able to research using specific corporate intelligence questions and receive answers which are structured and highly relevant, thus saving time, money and stress.

By developing accurate and precise signatures, you can really take textual analysis to another level of sophistication and garner valuable market intelligence quickly and effectively.

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