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Using social media to spy on your competition

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In this article of Dov Hirsch (Guest Blogger- Nashville Business Journal), the journalist try t explain to us how social media can be used to spy on your competition.

For example, small and large organizations can gain short- and long-term insight into what competitors are doing, and other examples of how using social media in competitive intelligence process.

It’s a very interesting view of this subject which becomes more and more important for nowadays societies.

Identifying The Right Influencer For Strategic Intelligence, according to Ian Smith


In this post of IAN SMITH, we can see a method to identifying the right influencer on social media based on a separation in five categories.

We propose to you to discover these five categories.

The challenge behind using social media influencers for competitive intelligence research is that there can be many influencers for a given industry or topic thanks to the abundance social networks.

In order to  identify  the right influencer for your intelligence needs, it is best to sort all influencers based on Lisa Barone’s “5 Types of Influencers On The Web”.  Table 1 presents the 5 categories along with their respective descriptions.

Keeping on top of social media


The world of enterprise is always changing and over recent years, there is one factor that has had a particularly profound impact on the way in which firms operate and that is the internet.

This medium has fundamentally altered the way in which companies go about their day-to-day activities. Although it has only been in common use for less than two decades, it is now an essential feature of the trading environment. Many firms utilise it to communicate with consumers, while a considerable number also sell goods and services directly through cyberspace.

In more recent years, one of the trends to emerge that has had a major impact on companies is Web 2.0. Social media is now one of the most powerful ways in which organisations can promote themselves. Meanwhile, it also provides a means for customers to register their likes and dislikes of businesses and their offerings.

So, you will no doubt be eager to ride the Web 2.0 wave and make the most of it. Indeed, if you fail to harness this medium, your firm may struggle to contend with its rivals.

This is where social media monitoring software comes in. Here at AMI, we specialise in such offerings and can help ensure your organisation is able to keep abreast of all the relevant information.

By utilising such internet monitoring provisions, you can make your life and that of your colleagues easier while simultaneously ensuring you benefit from a clearer picture concerning what is going on in the world of social media.

So vast is the amount of information available that if you try to keep on top of it without specialist monitoring software, you would almost certainly fail.

Internet Monitoring and Social Media

In today’s modern world, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can create user-generated content which is available to a world wide audience within the blink of an eye. Additionally, blogs, forums and chat communities can start anonymously and develop incredibly quickly simply because the user-generated content is not regulated and constrained by any type of traditional publishing processes to contend with.


Because of the immediate interaction which social networking provides, consumers often consult opinions and reviews about products and services online before deciding on their own purchases. Therefore it can be incredibly important for any company which offers such products or services to monitor and understand these sources so that they can learn more about their reach and reputation, as well as their customers’ expectations. Put simply, a company can gain a great deal of insight from listening to online conversations that involve them.  However, when it comes to the sheer amount of information which is now present on the World Wide Web, isolating information which is relevant and potentially important can be somewhat of a challenge.


Thankfully, help is at hand. Social media monitoring software enables companies to monitor and assess all types of web media and applications. Our patented software detects influential networks and opinion leaders and ‘listens’ in to understand how potential consumers may perceive and receive a particular product or service. Naturally, this can be a very effective tool with regard to marketing, advertising and business intelligence.

AMI Software

Social Media and Internet Monitoring Software

We now live in an age where practically everyone on the planet can share and discuss their opinions online at social networking websites and blogs. Consequently, the power and influence of what people are writing online is increasing all the time. Indeed, it has been suggested that online consumer recommendations are now the most successful form of advertising. Naturally, business organisations are keen to monitor social media sites as the possible business benefits are tangible. Fortunately, this can be done by using software which has been specifically designed for monitoring social media.

Social media monitoring software basically works by searching and analysing online conversations. This is done by using methods similar to those used by search engines, however, unlike search engines, social media monitoring tools clean up, isolate and categorise conversations accordingly before storing them in a database. Specific search terms can be entered into the database so that the way results are viewed can be customised. The software tools can count the number of conversations which contain the specified search term and then display the results in easy-to-read graphs and charts. It is sometimes also possible to divide the results according to where they originated from and what type of media they are (e.g. Facebook or blogs).

AMI Opinion Tracker makes monitoring social media a breeze. With the ability to monitor web traffic and automatically analyse all relevant references found online in blogs, forums, social networks, AMI Opinion Tracker can ensure any organisation remains ‘in-the-loop’.

Get to grips with social media using competitive intelligence

Developments on the web are occurring all the time. It is possibly the most dynamic medium on the planet and consumers are increasingly making use of it to source goods and services, keep in touch with people they know, research different topics and other such things. Meanwhile, gone are the days when people needed PCs and wires to plug into cyberspace. Now they can do so from light-weight laptops and smart phones from virtually anywhere.

One of the most rapidly expanding areas of the internet is that of Web 2.0. Since it first came into use, social media has captured the imaginations of individuals in many nations around the world. Now, as well as being a way of chatting to others, it is used as a platform to research and appraise companies’ offerings and, on the flipside, of marketing.

If you run a firm, you might well be eager to get to grips with developments in this area and harness the information it can provide. In order to do this effectively, you may benefit from investing in social media monitoring software. This can help you detect influential networks and opinion leaders and to see how their role is impacting on your industry.

Without taking advantage of social media monitoring tools, you might struggle to process and make sense of the vast amount of data out there. This is why it can pay off to use our offerings here at AMI.

We are specialists in internet monitoring and can help you optimise your understanding of the medium in an efficient and effective way.