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Using social media to spy on your competition

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In this article of Dov Hirsch (Guest Blogger- Nashville Business Journal), the journalist try t explain to us how social media can be used to spy on your competition.

For example, small and large organizations can gain short- and long-term insight into what competitors are doing, and other examples of how using social media in competitive intelligence process.

It’s a very interesting view of this subject which becomes more and more important for nowadays societies.

Identifying The Right Influencer For Strategic Intelligence, according to Ian Smith


In this post of IAN SMITH, we can see a method to identifying the right influencer on social media based on a separation in five categories.

We propose to you to discover these five categories.

The challenge behind using social media influencers for competitive intelligence research is that there can be many influencers for a given industry or topic thanks to the abundance social networks.

In order to  identify  the right influencer for your intelligence needs, it is best to sort all influencers based on Lisa Barone’s “5 Types of Influencers On The Web”.  Table 1 presents the 5 categories along with their respective descriptions.

Business Intelligence Implementation – How to Guarantee Your Success


That is what Shaughn Knight proposes to discover in this article witch give to us the keys of a business intelligence Implementation.

Organizations often start their sophisticated Business Intelligence implementation with aspirational and competitive goals in an attempt to meet their business needs. However, they are ending up or restricted with department-levels due to the substantial business dimension that clutches around it.

The intention of organizations to implement a Business Intelligence solution is a mighty step, but how will you avoid these implementations getting restricted at department levels.

“Competitive intelligence is an essential component of better law firm decision-making”


In this article, Janet Ellen Raasch, summarizes a presentation by Wanda McDavid and Judy Goater of Access Information.

For her “Important law firm decisions should never be made in a vacuum.  Instead, they should be made with an abundance of the right information in hand.  For many law firm decisions,

“The right information” means competitive intelligence.”

The benefits of business intelligence software


These days there are many IT solutions out there for you to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to know which would benefit you and which would be surplus to requirements.

One of the options open to you is the business intelligence software we provide here at AMI. Such offerings are well worth consideration and, unlike certain other solutions, they can have a hugely positive impact in terms of the running of your firm.

For example, our strategic intelligence products can help support all steps of the intelligence cycle and they are capable of delivering all the functionality required in order for you to implement effective management solutions from a single point of access.

Furthermore, our products present information that is key to your requirements in an accessible format that is intuitive to use.

By regularly monitoring external sources of information over the web, it can help your employees develop a better understanding of given topics and issues. Meanwhile, our offerings can also identify and highlight even the most hard to find information and is capable of providing early indication concerning new developments and events.

Also, our market intelligence offerings are able to navigate quickly and effectively across large volumes of unstructured data.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the advantages associated with our provisions. So, if you are eager to find out more about our offerings to decide whether or not they are suitable for your enterprise, simply take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.