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Pre-employment screening can be crucial

Taking on new members of staff can be an exciting time in any organisation. Not only does it signal success and growth, it also represents an opportunity for firms to boost their talent base and enhance their offerings.

However, when you are employing personnel, it is vital that you approach the task with a degree of caution. After all, you no doubt want to get people who are more than capable of performing the tasks you have in mind. Therefore it is crucial that the individuals do not mislead you concerning their experience and skills.

If they do, your operations may be compromised and you may have to re-advertise the post, wasting time and money in the process.

Meanwhile, there are also security issues to bear in mind. You need to be sure that you can trust the individuals you take on. If they are dishonest, they can compromise your company and may cause you significant harm, both financially and in terms of your reputation.

This is where business intelligence comes into its own. For example, here at AMI, we offer pre-employment screening software that can help you conduct checks on applicants.

Such business intelligence solutions can play a vital role in your organisation and help you avoid a range of difficulties. Furthermore, they can provide you with greater peace of mind as you will have more faith in the people you take on.

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The smart approach to market intelligence

When the internet was in its early years, it was relatively easy for companies to monitor online activity in order to fine tune their strategies. However, the medium has become so complex and popular that is can be virtually impossible for organisations to make sense of the information that abounds on it.

Indeed, in the past your firm may have struggled to make clear analyses and to get adequate and insightful market research based on the information available over the web.

And the fact is, such endeavours can be extremely demanding in terms of workers’ time and energy and the results are often too confusing to interpret.

However, simply giving up on such efforts can be disastrous. If you adopt this approach you might be missing out on opportunities to boost your company’s prospects and you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage compared to your rivals.

So, to ensure that you are able to filter and analyse the vast amount of data and information available through cyberspace, it can help to make the most of innovative internet monitoring provisions.

Here at AMI, we specialise in such offerings and so may have the ideal solution for you. Whether you are after competitive intelligence software or anything else of this nature, we are the firm to approach.

Not only can this enhance your success, it can also make your life and that of your workers considerably easier.  So, to get the low down on our data analysis software and other offerings, take a look around our website.

Gaining a competitive advantage has never been so vital

Often, being successful in business involves outdoing your rivals. By taking custom away from them and establishing your dominance in your chosen field, you can bolster your chances of long-term success and profitability.

However, gaining a competitive advantage over other companies is particularly crucial now. The economic conditions affecting the UK and many other countries are such that a considerable number of enterprises are struggling to remain afloat.

Many consumers and clients are spending less money, meaning firms have to work harder to get it. Also, a number of costs associated with running a firm are rising, making for a toxic combination for companies.

With this in mind, now might be the perfect time for you to invest in market intelligence provisions that help you get ahead of other enterprises.

By using offerings such as those provided by us here at AMI, you can ensure your enterprise has access to superb information that many of your rivals may lack.

For example, our web analysis software helps you keep abreast of the important trends that relate to your organisation. This can enable you to implement savvy changes to your strategy to place you in the best possible position.

Meanwhile, our products can also help you utilise social media information to optimum effect and you can also monitor developments among competitors with maximum efficiency and ease.

So, to help ensure your firm is a step ahead of the pack, you might benefit from investing in our web monitoring software. To find out more, simply take a look around our website or get in touch.

Know Your Market

Market Intelligence is a term used to describe methods used for gathering and analysing information which is relevant to a particular company’s industry or market. These methods are utilised to help identify marketing opportunities, determine market and customer orientation, develop market penetration strategies, analyse competitors, and improve market selection and commercial positioning. Naturally, with the explosive development of the internet in the last fifteen years, companies now have far more opportunities to better understand their markets and competitors.


In order for any company to be competitive, it must ensure it fully understands all aspects of the industry in which it operates. Marketing intelligence software can help companies be more aware of their the markets by effectively identifying, obtaining and analysing online information which is significantly relevant to them. Having such information will enable them to develop better insight and therefore better intelligence relating to market activity and reactive strategies.


The simplicity of our competitive intelligence software allows users to logically search, collect and analyse all relevant information, and then receive detailed reports which concisely explain the results regarding their chosen search criteria. There are many different applications for this software although it is often used most frequently to help companies determine how well their competitors are doing and how likely they may be to experience a significant event such as a new product launch or potential merger.

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An Introduction to AMI Software

Standard business strategy methods traditionally concern themselves with understanding things which have already happened, i.e. studying data which is already established and formatted within a company. We here at AMI have long understood the limitations of such methods and so make it our mission to always be looking to the future. When it comes to intelligence development, we are consistently searching for new ways to gather relevant material so that the bigger picture can be better understood.

What we do

AMI is universally recognised as being a leader in the field of designing and developing Competitive Intelligence Software which can help to make the most of online information. Our patented software allows users to engage in effective online monitoring, internet intelligence development and evidence based horizon scanning. Our software is so comprehensive that it can be used in a wide range of applications such as competitive intelligence analysis, market assessment, anti-money laundering, pre-employment screening, e-discovery, as well as identification of early warning signs that relate to the assessment of potential threat and risk.

Innovative excellence

Our commitment to excellence means that our innovative products are now used in multiple countries, languages and industries. With our technological and operational expertise, we can ensure absolute success in the delivery of any company’s business strategy projects.

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Using Software to Gain A Competitive Edge

When it comes to business strategies, many more companies are now realising how important software can be in gaining an edge over their competitors. We here at AMI provide information and content processing software which is engineered to find, categorise and assess data using horizon scanning techniques which are widely recognised as being the very best available.


The methods traditionally used in competitor analysis typically involve sifting through huge amounts of data to get to the relevant information which is needed to make important decisions. Thankfully, companies can now carry out such tasks far more efficiently. With the help of our software, raw information regarding competitors can quickly and efficiently be converted into data which can be used to help them gain a significant competitive advantage.

Fully informed

Horizon scanning is used by strategically aware companies to ensure they are always as well-informed as they can be in regards to industry specific information. With the right software, these techniques can be successfully implemented to help company executives accurately predict how their business environment might change in the future. This is done by detecting, isolating, organising and illustrating all information which is relevant to specific search criteria. This model is simple yet incredibly effective, and can help companies and organisations of all sizes to remain as competitive and relevant as they need to be.

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Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning’ techniques are employed by companies to gather data which can be used to form strategic business plans regarding information about competitors, technological advances, and their industry in general.


The Internet represents a great deal of potential when thought of in terms of business intelligence. However, finding and collecting relevant information and getting it to decision makers in a timely fashion is a tough job as the sheer amount of information now available on the World Wide Web can make it a real problem. Monitoring and collecting such information manually is simply not an option as even the largest companies would soon be aware of the extreme limitations. What is needed is a powerful yet simple software solution which can collect all relevant data and filter out what is irrelevant. Thankfully, help is very close at hand.


The Monitoring and Collecting software which we here at AMI provide combines automated data collection with intelligent information management tools and incredibly powerful search functions to ensure the timely detection of all relevant information on the World Wide Web. Every key item of data which is detected triggers an alert which immediately highlights the information source, along with the date of collection and a brief summary.

Here at AMI, our patented technology is specifically designed to collect, assess and illustrate all types of relevant information which can be used by companies to help them gain a competitive edge. For more information, browse our pages or get in touch today.

Competitive Intelligence

Although the Government assures us that the worst of the recent recession is behind us, today’s trading environment is still very tough-going. However, there is a way to ensure your company can gain a competitive edge by engaging more with its target customers and keeping abreast of popular trends. The way to do this is by using Business Intelligence software (BI).

Target customers

The very best way to learn more about your customers is to find out what they like (and dislike), which sites they like to visit on the web, and how much money they have to spend. BI can provide you with this knowledge. Knowing more about your customers can enable you to create a product which is more suited to their needs. Naturally, this can help to make your product more of a success and therefore increase the chances of customers returning to make further purchases. Having large numbers of returning customers can be very beneficial, as it not only guarantees a certain sales margin, but also means you can save money on advertising, as you will not need to re-attract their attention.

Monitor trends

My keeping track of internet based opinion and judgement, Business Intelligence solutions can also help your company to stay well aware of the current trends in your particular area of business. Having good knowledge of trends can provide you with a significant edge over your competitors, as it can enable you to gauge popular opinion as well as make more accurate forecasts.

AMI Software

Myth-Busting Intelligence in Business

The term Market Intelligence, or more commonly, Business Intelligence (BI) typically refers to computer-based techniques which are used to source and analyse business data in order to provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. However, perhaps because of the way it sounds, BI is often understood by less well-informed people to mean things which are contrary to this.

BI is not a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unfortunately for sci-fi fans, BI does not use AI technologies to help companies work out the best way to run their organisations. Maybe at some point in the future, Business Intelligence software packages will come replete with a digital business oracle who will provide zen-like insight into exactly what a company needs to do for guaranteed success, but sadly, that time is not yet upon us. With that being said however, it is possible to combine current BI software with Data Mining software to make limited predictions based on previous data.

BI has nothing to do with espionage

Unlike “Military Intelligence” or “Central Intelligence”, the word “intelligence” in BI simply does not carry the same meaning as it does when referred to in spying and espionage circles. Although many companies may wish it, it is just not possible to take a peek into a rival company’s secret activities by installing BI software. However, companies can use BI tools in conjunction with industry statistics to help gain valuable insights into their competitors performance within relative market trends.

AMI Software

Intelligence Software for Business

Business intelligence software is used to source, store and organise data. Essentially business performance management solutions enable a type of ‘data warehousing’ and so provide the means to store information in such a way that it can be quickly and easily accessed for a myriad of queries and analysis. By using various systems, applications, and databases, company managers can utilise data from a wide range of sources to make better-informed decisions in a more economical fashion.


As well as offering fantastic data storage solutions, business performance management software can also provide invaluable analysis. By delivering detailed reports and in-depth study of pertinent information across an entire company, managers can scrutinise their organisation for relative strengths and weaknesses in performance. The results of these investigations can be displayed in a variety of formats and reports, thus providing managers with the type of valuable information required to help them form the strategies needed for positive business advancement.


When looking for business intelligence solutions, a company needs to be sure what their goals are and to choose a solution which best fits its data needs. Obviously, the more complicated data a company has, the more complex the visualisations will need to be. Any business performance management solution which is relative to a company‘s demands and displays vital reports and analysis in real-time can be a very powerful business ally indeed.

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