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“B.C. Residents Opposed to Enbridge’s Proposal to Transport Crude Oil Through Inside Coastal Waters”

A supertanker

In this paper produced by Justason Market Intelligence, we can see that in Vancouver, population seems strongly opposed to the presence of supertankers on coastal waters.

This study show us some critical results that should be consideredby oil companies who are at risk of harming their image if they do not use Market intelligence.

A majority (78%) of B.C. residents is aware of the Enbridge proposal to transport crude oil from Alberta through B.C.’s inside coastal waters to refineries in Asia. According to a recent poll by Justason Market Intelligence, two-thirds (66%) of B.C. residents oppose this plan, including one-half (50%) who strongly oppose. One in five (22%) supports this proposal; 11% strongly support.

The Latest on #Libya

The main story this week in the UK press is undoubtedly regarding the civil unrest in Libya. This is of particular significance to the UK for a number of reasons. Most notably, the effect on the price of oil and worries about stranded expatriates that are still unable to flee the country.

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